Exciting news! City of Ice and Dreams is now available for pre-order on Amazon

book cover

The ebook of City of Ice and Dreams is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

I’m excited to report that City of Ice and Dreams, the second full-length novel in the Tales From A Warming Planet series, is available now for pre-ordering on Amazon. The 292-page book has a special pre-release price of 99¢. The ebook and print book go on sale February 15. The print book will be priced at $14.99. Here’s the blurb.

What if the key to your past lay at the South Pole? In 2261, Sento, a beautiful, intelligent, tormented young woman, is obsessed by Isorropia, a city in Antarctica that is half-myth, half-legend. Surviving a shipwreck, Sento resolves to trek south with immigrants on a suicidal one-way journey across the melting ice. She leads the pilgrims across a raging river, weeps beneath a massive natural sculpture draped with blue ice, and defends an endangered fur seal. Meanwhile, in the secretive city, First Citizen Elita Soares watches the growing threat of the pilgrim train. She wants no more climate refugees within the city walls. When Elita learns her half-sister may be among the immigrants, she vows to stop the newcomers at all costs. Will the pilgrims reach the fabled city before Antarctica’s harsh climate kills them? And why is Elita afraid of her half-sister?

City of Ice and Dreams is a dystopian thriller full of action and suspense. It’s a stand-alone novel, meaning you don’t have to read the first book, The Mother Earth Insurgency, or the second book, Carbon Run, to follow along.  All three books take place in the same world ravaged by climate change.

Stay tuned for updates on City of Ice and Dreams. The third novel, Restoration, will come later this spring.

Have your read the first two books or the Advance Reading Copy for City of Ice and Dreams? Please leave a review on Amazon.

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