Just five days to go until Restoration is launched!

Restoration cover

Less than a week remains until the launch of Restoration!

The final novel in my series Tales From A Warming Planet is almost ready to go! Set in the same near-future, climate-changed world as The Mother Earth InsurgencyCarbon Run, and City of Ice and DreamsRestoration is the story of Junie Wye, an urbane and sassy young woman from the Bay Area who finds herself living in the culchie farming town of Utility. Why? Her father just got a new job taking down the last big dam on the Columbia River, which flows nearby.

Junie hates the idea of living in a tiny desert town, especially when she learns everyone is dead-set against her father. But what happens when she meets Don Rast, the handsome son of the town’s most powerful landowner? Check out the book and you’ll see. Restoration launches Thursday, May 10 on Amazon.

Amazon logo

Pre-order the ebook for 99¢ on Amazon through May 10.

Have you finished reading the other books in the Warming Planet series? Please take a moment to review them on Amazon or Goodreads. Reviews help independent authors like me get the word out and even help my eligibility for certain advertising programs. Here’s the Amazon links to help you. Thanks!

The Mother Earth Insurgency | Carbon Run | City of Ice and Dreams

BONUS! Check out this free flash fiction story, War of Water, which is set in the world of the Warming Planet series. It’s published in the literary magazine, Children, Churches, and Daddies.

Let me know what you think!

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